Meet the team

Hearts and brains of CUE, a.s.

Board of directors

Jaroslav Dibitanzl

Chairman of the board of directors

Petr Fabian

Vice-chairman of the board of directors
+420 241 091 253

Karel Steidl

Member of the board of directors

Karel Svoboda

Member of the board of directors

Sales & marketing

Tomas Muller

Sales manager
+420 723 952 206

Katerina Dibitanzlova

Finance & administration

Jana Dibitanzlova

Finance manager
+420 602 265 297

Marika Buresova

Veronika Slavickova

HR manager

Zdenka Vrbickova

+420 724 138 533

Applications, support & service

Richard Milek

Application engineer
+420 606 624 133

Tomas Mrkous

IT technical support

Jiri Vlasak

Hardware specialist

Production & logistics 

Jaroslava Blazkova

Martin Hartman

+420 241 091 257

Software, firmware & hardware development

Milan Vrbicek

Software development manager

Jan Liska

Software engineer

Tomas Klas

Software engineer

Radka Malcova

Application programmer

Barbora Svobodova

Software development manager

Marian Bencat


Karolina Pikorova


Jan Novak

Graphic designer

Simon Gebauer

Software engineer

Nikola Chromy

Tester & Programmer

Jakub Stonawski


Lukas Heralecky

Hardware designer
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